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Waimea Bay
photo: Paul Topp / iStockphoto
Waimea Shorebreak Off The Wall Pipe stand up barrel
Hawaii - Oahu, United States surf spot map
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2. Velzyland

High performance right breaking over shallow reef. Often hollow, often crowded. Mind your manners and the locals might ignore you!

3. Sunset Beach

Legendary very powerful right-hander offering big drops on the main peak leading into a top-bottom inside barrel section. Occasional lefts

4. Rocky Point

A left and a peaky right breaking either side of the rocks. Right bears a slight resemblance to Backdoor with the extra hazard of 'Death Rock' on the inside. Lefts are a quality hotdog wave with hollow sections - usually crowded

5. Pipeline

The ultimate left tube that is equalled by less than a handful of waves worldwide. With it comes extreme power, shallow reef and big crowds

6. Backdoor

The right off the peak at Pipeline. Backdoor is doesn't hold as big a swell as Pipe but it is just as heavy and the reef is a whole lot gnarlier

7. Outside Log Cabins

Tow in spot that holds works in the 20-40ft range, producing a perfect, peeling, spitting right

8. Rockpile

Set in directly front of the pile of rocks known as the Banzai Rocks this spot is powerful peak with the left being the longer choice.

9. Off The Wall

Also known as Kodak Reef because it often looks better in the mags than it actually was! Often closey right which can produce some epic, gaping barrels on the right day. There is a lesser quality left too.

10. Log Cabins

Hollow powerful right with occasional lefts. Uneven shallow reef that can produce Backdoor like waves