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Sebastion inlet
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3. Cocoa Beach

There are several remarkable things about Cocoa Beach, unfortunately the surf is not one of them! Its main claim to fame is it is where Kelly Slater grew up. Waves tend to be fairly weak owing to gently sloping shelf. The pier is usually the best spot

4. Tables

5. Patrick Air Force Base

Located right in front of an airforce base you'll find a variety of breaks working through various tides with names such as 'Hangars' and 'Missiles'.

6. 2nd Light

One of the better quality stretches of beach at Patrik Air Force Base. There is a (coquina shelf) reef here called Worm rock which can be OK

7. Hangars

This was originally the site of Patrik pier but now all that is left are some of the pilings which help keep the sand in place

9. Satellite Beach

Several good quality lefts can be found up and down Satellite Beach breaking over the coquina shelf reefs just offshore. The best of these is RC's which can take any swell thrown at it and is often hollow

10. Peg Leg's