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El Quemao
El Quemao Jameos del Agua - Lanzarote - Will Davey Will Davey -San Juan April 2013
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1. El Quemao

Europe's answer to Pipeline. Plenty of comparisons including the power, hollowness, crowds and sharp reef just below the surface. If you are going to surf here then you'll need to charge to impress the locals

2. La Santa Right

Long right-hander breaking off La Isleta across the bay from the left. Very different wave to the Slab and much more accessible to the less experienced/insane surfer. Still it does get big, heavy and hollow and there are plenty of shallow spots.

3. La Santa Left

Ultra heavy, shallow top to bottom barrel that despite the name breaks both ways. Lefts are a little longer though. Relatively consistent and always crowded with locals with attitude

4. Boca del Abajo

Long peeling left off La Isleta (The Island). Plenty of power, hollow sections and all the usual Lanzarote hazards - i.e. sharp, shallow reef and angry locals!

5. Caleta de Caballo Left

Not in the same league as the spots at nearby La Santa. However does offer some shelter from W winds and can make a reasonable get-away spot

6. Caleta de Caballo Right

Not as busy as the La Santa waves but just as heavy, hollow and shallow.

9. San Juan

Long walling left off A-frame peak - the right is just the drop. Busy but localism isn't quite as full on here as other spots. Still, it's plenty heavy, shallow and urchin infested!

10. Caleta de Famara

Another heavy, hollow, shallow reef break with locals to match. Not as consistent as other spots around and probably worth skipping