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photo: Chris
Azores, Portugal surf spot map
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1. Faja Grande

Rocky reef located next to the furthest west village in Europe

2. Fajazinha

Left/right reef break that picks up any swell going

3. Mosteiros

Longish rights off the point. Slightly mellower than many of the other north coast spots

4. Lago do Linho

Long, left pointbreak that can hold practically any swell that's thrown at it. Steep take off and various fat to hollow sections on the inside

5. Vila Nova

Outside reef that only gets going when it's way over head. Chunky, hollow bowling wave that can hold most swells. Mostly rights but there is a left too.

6. Praia da Vitoria

Various reefs within the outer harbour. Not too heavy or shallow but requires a big swell to get going

7. Santa Catarina

Intense, powerful top-to-bottom barrel over shallow reef. Located just south of the harbour it suffers from all the usual fishing pollution plus everything from the island's main town.

8. Contendas

Fairly average reef-break located in a sheltered cove. Takes an E'ly swell or a big S swell to wrap round an get it going.

9. Ponta Negra

Quality left point-break that attracts a crowd when it's on. Long, with hollow sections and capable of holding a big swell

10. Populo

Consistent beach/reefs that'll work on just about any swell. Situated on the edge of the Azores' capital means it is also the busiest spot on the islands.