Usa All Shark attacks

1536 attack(s) found
Aug 11th 2008

Usa - Hawaii - Ala Moana Beach Park, Oah'u

Shark: 12' tiger shark

Age/sex: M
Activity: Diving

Injury: No injury, shark grabbed his bag of fish

Aug 30th 2006

Usa - Hawaii - McKenzie Beach Park in Pahoa, Hawai'i

Shark: Shark involvement not confirmed

Victim: Kameron Brown
Age/sex: 27 M
Activity: Swimming

Injury: Death was probably due to drowning

Sep 9th 2008

Usa - Hawaii - Ka'a'awa, Oahu

Shark: tiger shark

Victim: Todd Murashige
Age/sex: 40 M
Activity: Surfing

Injury: Bitten on right thigh & calf

Usa - Gulf of Mexico - Off Florida coast

Shark: Shark involvement unconfirmed

Victim: Two stowaways on German steamer Vela
Age/sex: M
Activity: Jumped overboard and swimming

Injury: FATAL, presumed taken by shark/s

Feb 4th 1963

Usa - Gulf of Mexico - Off Key West


Victim: 2 males
Age/sex: M
Activity: S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen, laden with molten sulphur was bound from Beaumont, Texas for Norfolk, VA, when she disappeared with 39 on board

Injury: Shark involvement unconfirmed. Two shark-bitten lifejackets were recovered leading to speculation that sharks took at least 2 of the 39 missing crewmen

May 19th 2006

Usa - Guam - Gun Beach

Shark: 10' to 12' tiger shark

Victim: Japanese female
Age/sex: 30s F
Activity: Scuba diving

Injury: Laceration to leg

Usa - Georgia - Cumberland Island


Victim: Mr. Boardman
Age/sex: M
Activity: Bathing

Injury: Leg bitten

Aug 30th 1912

Usa - Georgia - Tybee Island


Victim: Edward Coffee
Age/sex: 12 M
Activity: Swimming

Injury: FATAL

Aug 5th 1934

Usa - Georgia - Thunderbolt


Victim: William Aimar, Jr.
Age/sex: 11 M
Activity: Swimming

Injury: Lacerations to right leg

Sep 18th 1953

Usa - Georgia - 200 miles east of Savannah


Victim: Sgt. Larry Charles Graybill
Age/sex: M
Activity: Aircaft exploded

Injury: Hand bitten