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Sri Lanka surfing regions

The best surfing beaches are in the South and the East of the country. There is a surf-season for each region - with November to April bringing the most consistent swells to the South and May to October to the East. However it is also possible to find surf outside of these seasons, although monsoon rains and winds may make the water quality and visibility poor and create choppy conditions.

The South and South-West are littered with stunning sandy beaches and fantastic reef and point breaks for surfers to choose from. Some areas, such as Hikkaduwa, provide consistently good surf but can therefore be crowded with locals and tourists alike. However, generally, the vibe on the beaches and in the water is relaxed and fun and many breaks are uncrowded. The East and South-East provide excellent quality waves, such as those at Arugam Bay, but checks should be made before heading over to ensure that the political situation is safe for travel. There is a long history of political violence in the country and this is mainly confined to the North and North-East of the country. The Foreign Office website can generally provide safe travelling information.

The swell can range from 3 to 8 feet in the main surfing seasons and drops off to 2 to 6 feet outside those times. The surf can be generally relied on to provide quality and fun waves though no break can really be described as world-class and on-shore winds can pick up quickly to create messy conditions. Try getting out early in the morning to avoid the winds.