Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands surf spots

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands lie in The Bay of Bengal and are owned and governed by India. Flights operate from the Indian cities of Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair, although in the peak seasons of spring and winter the fares can be high. The outer islands of the Andaman Archipelago can offer some excellent and very un-crowded and relatively unexplored breaks for surfers, particularly from February to May. However, some of the more accessible spots have become crowded as more people discover the surf in the Andaman Islands, which means that the more secluded areas are now being kept well-guarded secrets by surfers who have travelled there. This can make it hard to plan a trip to the islands. Likewise, the government officials in the Andaman Islands can make it difficult to obtain information about permits to some of the remote areas where there are primitive tribes living. Therefore, careful research using guidebooks before heading off to these islands would be strongly advised.

The breaks are almost entirely coral reefs as well, so go prepared for cuts by taking anti-biotics and iodine. Most doctors are in Port Blair so there is also the danger of surfing in a remote area to consider. Sand fleas can also be a problem to surfers on the beach. The bites are extremely itchy and can become infected. The best way to surf the Andaman Islands, due to these problems and the access issues, is by boat. Surf boat-trips can be organised before leaving India or the UK and offer the best opportunities in terms of access to waves and finding un-crowded spots.